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“I believe that most of us come into the world whole and sane. However, life’s traumas and challenges often fragment our sense of self and make us feel fearful and confused.”

“I offer a safe and confidential space to explore and investigate your concerns in a private office in my home overlooking Lake Shore Drive.”

Individual Therapy

During one’s life there are both pleasant and unwelcome changes. As a therapist, I try to help people identify their present challenges, the changes that are occurring and how they feel about them. Therapy and counseling may help people understand their present position by looking at their past and developing a clear idea of where they want to be in the future.

Couples Therapy

People come to couples counseling to restore connection by learning new ways of talking and listening to each other. As a therapist, I help couples create a positive dialogue that will help them understand past conflicts and move to a conscious partnership that will restore feelings of safety, connection and joy.


Relationships at work can be as complicated and challenging as those in personal life. Coaching helps individuals identify personal and professional challenges presented in work and organizational situations and strategies to address them.


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“David Ley has been a tremendous guide in my healing journey. His patience, kindness, and enthusiasm for life with all its ups and downs has given me courage to face truths about myself, and acceptance of more to come. I’m truly grateful.”